War Veterans Now Receive Expedited Processing of SSDI Claims

Millions of people across the United States receive disability benefits each year. The Social Security Administration (SSA) paid more than 10.1 million people disability benefits last year alone. The SSA pays the majority of these benefits to people who suffer workplace injuries, but victims of other incidents, as well as war veterans, also receive a portion.

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If you are a wounded veteran or otherwise disabled, you may benefit from filing for SSDI through a qualified lawyer. Each case is unique and complex, and not all injuries and disabilities are eligible for benefits.

An experienced Phoenix SSDI lawyer will be able to tell you if you might qualify for benefits and can help you file the relevant paperwork. At How Do I Apply for SSDI, we can connect you with an established lawyer who can explain the requirements for Phoenix disability benefits. Please complete the online form, and we will contact you with more information.

War Veterans Served on Veteran’s Day

Las Cruces reports that social security paid special honor to war veterans this Veteran’s Day. According to the article, U.S. Armed Force members now receive preferential and expedited processing of SSDI and social security benefits claims.

Anyone who sustained injuries during active duty on or after Oct. 1, 2001 is eligible for social security claim expedition. It is also available to veterans who have 100 percent disability.

Quadriplegic Woman Hit With Massive Insurance Bill

AZ Central reports that a woman is adjusting to life in a wheelchair after her boyfriend shot her 13 years ago. This in spite of her mounting medical insurance bill. Vanessa Montgomery’s boyfriend shot her in the face from point-blank range in 2001, severing her spinal cord. The injuries sustained in the incident mean Montgomery will never walk again.

The medical bills over the last 13 years have been significant, but when a medical company contacted Montgomery to inform her it had been overpaying her, she considered it a serious blow. The company claims they overpaid her for a number of years, and they are to cut her benefits from $598 per month to just $50. At the same time, they requested she pay back approximately $12,000.

Montgomery currently receives approximately $900 per month in social security benefits, as well as $598 per month from a private insurance policy. Montgomery’s combined household income is no more than $1,855 per month. As a result, the family claims they will be unable to pay back the money, and they cannot survive without the monthly grants from the healthcare company.

The case is ongoing, but Montgomery will continue receiving her other social security benefits throughout the process.

Filing for SSDI can be complex and overwhelming. If you are injured or disabled and intend to file for disability benefits, contact a specialist for help. At How Do I Apply for SSDI, we will connect you directly with an Arizona SSDI expert in your area.