SSDI’s $300 Million IT Project May Be a Bust

Americans have known for a while now that the social security disability program is in a state of financial crisis. However, despite the strains, the Social Security Administration embarked on an aggressive approach to replace outdated technology systems six years ago. According to ABC7, the SSA decided to upgrade to a new computer system in an effort to respond to a growing number of SSDI claims.


After spending nearly $300 million on the project, the new computer system is nowhere near completion. Agency officials are struggling to save their technological endeavor, which was fraught with mismanagement and delays.

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Officials Don’t Know When the New Computer System Will Be Functioning

Despite the money and manpower that the SSA has already poured into the new computer system, NTV reports that officials do not know when it will finally function. The project is still in its testing phases, and there are no rough estimates as to how much it will cost before it becomes operational. A more powerful computerized system in response to the claims seemed like a good idea six years ago, but the project looks far less appealing from this side of the timeline.

Agency leaders have decided to restart the program in an attempt to save it, essentially hitting reset on all the systems. They have since brought in outside IT consultants from McKinsey to determine what went wrong.

Delays at Every Step of the Social Security Disability Process

Unfortunately, people filing for disability in the meantime often face long delays—delays that the new computerized system was supposed to prevent. Part of the problem with the new project was the fact that no one person or department was in charge.

There was no single person responsible for seeing the IT upgrades through to completion. Now that outside consultants are working on it, though, SSA officials remain optimistic.

It may seem overwhelming for potential recipients, especially when they first begin the application process and hear that long delays are common. However, there are several steps applicants can take to help ensure their information flows through the channels efficiently.

Social security disability insurance is meant to help Americans—not to stress them out beyond belief. Unfortunately, the most recent complications surrounding the computer upgrades are not helping.

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