Long Waits, Denials for Social Security Disability Benefit Claimants

Applying for social security disability benefits is often a long and arduous process, and even those with compelling cases may be denied. In some cases, approval only comes after negotiations and even legal action. In the meantime, those who need SSDI benefits most may have to fund their own medical treatment.



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Woman Waits Three Years for Social Security Disability Benefits

A woman has finally received social security benefits after three long years of waiting, according to a report by WIVB. The woman, who had been unable to work since December 2010 due to back and neck injuries, filed for her claim in July 2011. The matter was finally heard by an administrative law judge approximately 18 months later, at which point the woman was already facing a significant financial burden due to mounting medical costs and her inability to bring in an income.

A local news station uncovered this particular story. Investigators discovered that the application still sat at the bottom of a large pile of other SSDI applications, and the woman would likely have waited many more months. Fortunately, as a result of this finding, the approval process was expedited.

Veteran Denied Disability Claims

KCOY reports on a respected veteran of the Gulf War in 1991 who has been denied social security disability benefits for injuries that can be traced back to the time that he served. Robert McDermott was in the U.S. Army’s Third Armored Division of Iraq from Kuwait, and he believes that the chemical weapons used during the time have had a lasting impact on his health.

McDermott suffers from what many have called Gulf War Syndrome as a result of the chemicals, which cause chronic and severe pains, cramps and spasms throughout the body. Being unable to work, he approached the state to assist him with disability grants.

The application process has proven fruitless, however. According to McDermott’s wife, they have yet to receive any benefits from the state and are funding his treatment process privately. The complex application process has been plagued with lost documents, red-tape and bureaucracy, which have resulted in significant delays.

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