Landmark Case Makes Social Security Benefit Claims Possible for Same-Sex Spouses

In what many have hailed as a landmark, precedent-setting case, an Arizona man has won a long battle to have his same-sex marriage recognized. ABC News reports that the case has the potential to call into question the ban on gay marriage that is currently in place in Arizona. The case came to the fore when the partner of Fred McQuire, George Martinez, died from complications related to pancreatic cancer, which was believed to be a result of his exposure to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War.


Upon Martinez’s death, his spouse was unable to receive social security and veteran benefits due to Arizona’s ban on gay marriage, despite the fact that the couple of 45 years had been legally married in the state of California. But the ruling, handed down by a U.S. District Judge, allowed McQuire to be listed on his late partner’s death certificate, meaning he is now entitled to social security benefits previously not accessible to same-sex partners. McQuire’s lawyer confirmed that as a result of this case, same-sex couples in Arizona may be more likely to receive social security benefits.

This Case Highlights the Complexities of Social Security Policies

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Social Security Claims Backlog

In further testimony to the complex nature of applying for social security disability grants and benefits, USA Today has reported just how backlogged and congested the social security application process is. The story details many cases in which applicants were refused grants without explanation, often after lengthy waits and inexplicable complications.

The majority of applicants are sufferers of terminal and serious illnesses, and few have the funds, time and resources to battle the Social Security Administration. Furthermore, the lack of explanations and justification for decisions made by the SSA are unacceptable, and the report suggests that many applicants are forced to deal with their serious disabilities and medical issues on their own.

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