Do Mental Illnesses Qualify Patients for SSDI Benefits?

The U.S. social security system is one of the world’s largest social welfare programs, and it benefits a substantial number of American citizens. Social security disability insurance, in particular, protects many individuals from expenses associated with medical costs and loss of income.



SSDI covers several diseases and illnesses—including mental illness. According to the Social Security Administration, mental illness makes up one-third of all SSD claims, and the average monthly benefit for people with mental illnesses is in the region of $1,300.

If you or a member of your family is ill or has become disabled, you may be entitled to government benefits via the social security scheme. Applying for SSD is a complex and often overwhelming process, and many people are easily disillusioned and frustrated when the application is unsuccessful.

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SSDI Helps Support People With Mental Illnesses in the United States

The Democrat Herald reports that mental illness sufferers face a number of challenges. The social stigma associated with the mental illness, as well as the difficulty of finding employment, are still the biggest hurdles, but this is gradually improving. As more suffers of mental illnesses come forward and speak openly about their problems, so too does the stigma diminish.

One of the developments that are assisting in this process is the increase in SSDI claim approvals from mental illness sufferers. The article says that more than 25 percent of social security disability payments go to patients suffering from mental illnesses. This is an indication that more people are speaking out about the disease and that society is starting to see mental illness as a treatable disease.

SSDI Still Critical for American Workers Who Become Mentally Ill

American Progress reports that more than ever, social security disability insurance is critical for American workers. Social security disability insurance forms the central support of the United States’ social security system, and this has been the case for the last 60 years. According to the article, it protects nine out of 10 U.S. workers and their families from serious, life-changing events such as serious injuries or disabilities.

This includes mental illnesses, and many people who claim SSDI do so for a variety of mental illnesses. This could include one depressive disorder coupled with an anxiety disorder, and in many cases, the U.S. social security system will provide compensation for both.

With the decrease in stigma surrounding mental illnesses, more and more people are coming forward for treatment, and with a successful SSDI application, sufferers can receive assistance not previously thought possible.

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