500 Words on Workplace Injuries and SSD Claims

Injuries and deaths in the workplace are more common than many people realize, and they make up a large portion of claims against social welfare programs. Across the United States, thousands of people die or suffer injuries while performing their jobs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the preliminary tally of fatal workplace injuries in the United States during the course of 2013 was greater than 4,400, which indicates a slight decline compared to the previous year.

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During the last decade, there has been a marked reduction in fatal occupational injuries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that injuries in the workplace are down by 25 percent.

Despite this positive trend, injuries and accidents in the workplace still occur frequently, and it is important to know that if you have been injured while on the job, you may be able to claim worker’s compensation or social security benefits.

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Workplace Deaths Mirror Economy

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the number of deaths that took place at workplaces during the last year can help workers understand how their jobs compare to others in regard to injury risk. According to the article, the two most dangerous lines of work in the nation remain those of truck driving and construction.

National workplace injuries and deaths are showing signs of decline in both the private-sector and in government workplaces. The state of Georgia, for example, has reported just 70 workplace deaths in the last year, although experts predict this number will rise.

Although the economy has shown signs of slow growth during the last five years, the number of workplace fatalities in the United States has remained fairly static. Revenue in certain industries, such as residential construction, is still significantly below those reported pre-recession, but injury and death rates remain relatively unchanged.

Electrical Injury Earns Employer a Citation

BLR reports that an employee has suffered serious burns and near fatal injuries following an electrical incident at a college. The man had to be resuscitated on the scene. Medical officials expect him to make a full recovery.

According to the report, the man suffered injuries while trying to connect new wiring to existing live wiring. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has launched a full investigation into the incident. OSHA cited the employer with two safety violations.

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