4 Interesting SSDI Myths Debunked

There are a number of myths and uncertainties about social security disability benefits and insurance. This might be surprising when you consider just how many people across the United States receive benefits from the social security system. According to the Office of Retirement and Disability, more than 63 million people received benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA) in 2013, and more than 5.5 million entered the system last year alone.

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Nevertheless, there is no guarantee of approval for an application for social security benefits. It is a complex and often daunting process, and unless you have the assistance of a qualified expert, it can take longer and require more work than expected. At How Do I Apply for SSDI, we can connect you with an attorney who specializes in Phoenix SSDI applications. Please complete the online enquiry form, and we will be in contact with more information.

Myth 1: A Doctor’s Letter Will Automatically Lead to Approval for Social Security Benefits

According to Disability Secrets, letters from doctors or physicians do not often have a significant impact on the SSA’s decision. The reason behind this is not because the SSA does not want to see these letters, but it is due to the fact that letters that doctors submit often lack details necessary to make the decision. Doctors often ignore specific requests or do not submit relevant supporting documents, and as a result, these letters hold little sway in the decision-making process.

A high-quality, detailed letter will, on the other hand, work in your favor. Provided that it is objective, detailed and deals specifically with your disability that renders you eligible for benefits, then the SSA may use it as evidence for eligibility.

Myth 2: The SSA Denies All First-Time Social Security Applications

The belief that the SSA denies all first-time social security applicants is a myth, according to Disability Secrets. There is no regulation or policy that the Social Security Administration forces along these lines. However, statistics do indicate that a significant number of first-time applications do not receive approval. According to the SSA, more than 70 percent of first-time applications are unsuccessful.

The origin of this large number of denials is more likely the result of ignorance or complacency on behalf of the applicants. Many first-time applicants go into the process without a proper understanding of the requirements. A professional attorney, such as one sourced by How Do I Apply for SSDI, can do away with any confusion and ensure that even a first-time application stands a good chance of approval.

Myth 3: People Who Drink or Have Used Drugs Automatically Disqualify From Receiving Benefits

The Social Security Administration does sometimes use the fact that applicants have used drugs or drink alcohol to deny the claim. However, depending on your exact disability or claim, it is possible that even those who consume alcohol or certain drugs may receive approval for benefits.

Many of the myths and rumors pertaining to SSDI applications relate to the fact that applicants do not consult professionals for assistance. For guidance, please complete the How Do I Apply for SSDI online enquiry form, and we will connect you with someone who can help you through the process.