3 Interesting Facts About SSDI Benefits

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 3 million American workers suffered injuries in 2012, and that number only includes workplace accidents. As you might imagine, there are many people who suffer injuries that are severe enough that they are no longer able to work, leaving them unable to provide for themselves or their families. That is when social security disability can help. The Social Security Administration received 2.6 million applications for disability benefits last year.


Of course, not everyone who applies is approved the first time. If you’ve had an application denied or you just want to optimize your first application, let us help. At HowDoIApplyForSSDI.com, we maintain a network of Phoenix SSDI lawyers who can help you navigate the application process. To learn more, please fill out the contact form, and we’ll get back to you quickly.

1. Younger Workers Can Qualify on Fewer Credits

Most people know that the threshold for most social security benefits is 40. However, the SSA allows younger workers to qualify on fewer credits because disability can strike at any age. The full qualification depends on many factors, so this is not a guarantee, but people who apply for disability at 50 years old, which is 12 years younger than the traditional cut off, only need 28 credits. Likewise, a 23-year-old who suffers a disability only needs six credits to qualify.

2. SSDI Benefits Sometimes Extend to Children

When a child suffers a debilitating disease or condition, like cancer, most parents don’t realize that the SSA may offer them benefits. Insurance News Net confirms that children under 18 can receive SSDI. However, the application process is fairly complex and the requirements more stringent. In general, these benefits are reserved for families with few financial options who do not have the resources to care for their sick child. However, adult children who suffer disabilities and don’t qualify based on their work history can also qualify for assistance if their parent is collecting either disability or retirement benefits. In each case, it’s wise to consult an SSDI lawyer before applying.

3. Social Security Is a Major Political Issue

There are many polarizing issues on the political landscape right now. Most people can quickly identify that immigration and medical insurance are key issues, and that’s because they both have an immediacy to them. The border crisis led to gridlock on immigration reform, and the affordable care act famously led to the government shutdown. Following that logic, New Republic reports that SSDI is set to be the next key issue because the program’s reserves could run out in the next few years if Congress doesn’t take action.

It’s natural to be confused about some of the specific requirements for social security disability, and it’s beneficial to speak with a legal professional who can demystify the program and its process. To arrange a free consultation with an SSDI lawyer in Phoenix, please fill out the contact form.