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America’s Resource for Social Security Disability Information


Шарм-эль-Майя купить Коксик This website provides FREE disability information and evaluation services, for individuals seeking assistance with obtaining Social Security Disability Benefits.

click Do you have a Social Security claim? Ask yourself…

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  • Am I under the age of 65?
  • Am I presently treating with a medical professional?
  • Have I been off work for at least 4 months or longer due to a physical and/or medical impairment?
  • Do I have restrictions issued by a medical professional that prevents me from actively seeking employment?
  • Have I or my child been denied a claim for Social Security benefit with the last 45 days?
  • Is my child not able to develop and progress at the same rate as his or her peers?
  • Am I completely frustrated with being denied mine or my child’s claim for benefits?

Удостоверения, паспорта, дипломы, справки If you answered YES to any of the questions listed, please complete the form located on the right side of the page for a FREE disability benefit evaluation by a Social Security attorney or advocate who will then contact you.